2023 IEEE REPC Electric Power Conference

April 25 – 28, 2023  |  Cleveland, Ohio

Call for Papers has ended for the 2023 Cleveland, OH conference.

Please send any inquires or future paper submittal requests to repc@ieee.org, RE: Paper Submittal.

2023 Call for Papers Information & Topics:

The general scope of the conference is to provide practical information about the planning, design, construction, operation and analysis of electrical distribution systems.  Some examples of appropriate topics are:

  • Computer Applications for Utilities
  • Distribution Automation/SCADA
  • Power Quality and Reliability
  • System Planning and Design
  • Utility Construction: Projects, Applications, Concepts
  • Distributed Generation
  • System Inspection and Maintenance
  • Novel Technical Applications on a Distribution System
  • Regulatory Issues and Solutions

Visit our website www.ieeerepc.org to view topics and authors from previous conferences – Coming soon!

Please send any questions to repc@ieee.org.