2023 IEEE REPC Electric Power Conference

April 25 – 28, 2023

Cleveland, Ohio

Call for Papers has ended for the 2023 Cleveland, OH conference.

Please send any inquires or future paper submittal requests to repc@ieee.org, RE: Paper Submittal.

The general scope of the conference is to provide practical information about the planning, design, construction, operation and analysis of electrical distribution systems.  Some examples of appropriate topics are:

  • Computer Applications for Utilities
  • Distribution Automation/SCADA
  • Power Quality and Reliability
  • System Planning and Design
  • Utility Construction: Projects, Applications, Concepts
  • Distributed Generation
  • System Inspection and Maintenance
  • Novel Technical Applications on a Distribution System
  • Regulatory Issues and Solutions


Please visit our website www.ieeerepc.org to view topics and authors from previous conferences.

 Please send any questions to repc@ieee.org